Run by Patients for Patients

The support group is run for patients with chronic pain and is run solely by patients with chronic pain. Our main objectives are to bring people together who are suffering from this debilitating condition within a 'safe' environment, to be able to share concerns and ideas, build friendships and obtain up-to-date information about handling their pain.

CPSG is a warm, welcoming friendly group who give support; being supported is what we are all about. Seeing the person is our main focus, not their condition. The atmosphere created is a warm hearted sociable blend to encourage positive feelings and for you to know you are not alone. All age ranges (18+) and genders, carers, partners and guest visitors are welcome.

If you are not already a member or are a lapsed member and would be interested in joining the group then why not come along and meet us? We would love to see you!

Take a step forward to improve your wellbeing and come along and join us to see what we are all about. Make friends with people in a similar position as you. Think about what you would like to achieve from becoming a member of the group and the type of support needed.















Chronic Pain Support Group

Bring People in Pain Together