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Welcome to the world of Reiki! November 2015


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a natural healing method, which originated in Japan towards the end of the 19th century. Quantum physics has now proved that infinite energy does exist, all around us, all of the time and it is this energy that we use in Reiki.

Originally, Reiki was used for self-development, spiritual growth and self-healing, passed on from Master to student. Over time and certainly when it was introduced to the Western world, it evolved into a healing treatment too. It works perfectly alongside conventional medicines and treatments and allows your body to heal itself naturally. Reiki works on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and brings your body back into balance.

My husband bought me a Reiki 1 course for a birthday one year. At the time, I was impressed, but see now that I had no real need of it then and I drifted away from it. Years later, I suffered a brain hemorrhage. I eventually reached the end of the line with conventional medicines and treatments. By chance, I found Reiki again and began to treat myself. I improved physically and mentally and felt much more able to cope with life. Finding a self-help tool was brilliant and I went back to learn Reiki and over time, I became a Reiki Master and Teacher. Unable to return to my pre-brain injury job, and having found something that I loved to do, Bury St Edmunds Reiki was born.

At a Reiki treatment, you can either lie/sit supported on the treatment couch, or sit in a chair, whichever is more comfortable for you. There’ll be relaxing music and you will be encouraged to close your eyes, relax and enjoy! Reiki is deeply relaxing and you may even drift off to sleep. You may see colours, feel warmth or tingling and the time will fly by. How many treatments you have is your choice. Chronic conditions benefit from regular treatments, but it is you who decides, with guidance from your Reiki practitioner. You will know whether Reiki is for you.

You may like to learn Reiki. Anyone can do it and the course can either be a day, or split into two or three sessions, whatever suits. The beauty of learning Reiki is that, not only can you heal yourself, but whenever you Reiki someone else, the Reiki energy travels through you to the other person, so you benefit at the same time.

Animals love Reiki too. To see them relax, close their eyes and enjoy the sensations is wonderful. Again, it helps them both physically and mentally.

There is much more information on my website However, I am more than happy to chat and answer questions in person, so feel free to phone me on 07868 267324, or email

Very best wishes to you all,

Julia Reeves

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