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  As a group we are supporting Self care Week, 18th - 24th November, which is a government intiiative to encourage people to Self-Care for life and take control.To support this we are raising awareness of the group and initiative within the hospital and via our website and publicity. We will be in the Foyer of the hospital on the 22nd November 10-12am, if you'd like to come along and talk to us about it. if you would like to find out more regarding this initiative or how to learn more about self care,please go to  We try to encourage self care principle through our speakers at our meetings and next year on 3rd July we are planning, in partnership with the Pain Clinic, an evening dedicated to self-management presented by renowned speakers in that field, talking about Chronic Pain and how you can self-manage day to day in spite of your pain. There will also be taster sessions of various therapies and side stalls from chosen disciplines. We hope you'll come along and get involved and find out more about what options are available to you to help you self-manage, improve positivity, enhance mental wellbeing and self-esteem and learn how to live well on a daily basis - Self-Care for life and take control. 

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